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Discord Rules

  1. No Spamming Admins/Mods
  2. No Racism or Hate Speech
  3. English Only Please

  4.  Do Not Hackusate in chat or discord, MAKE A TICKET

  5. Do not Meta-Game, aka call out someone Base location

Server Rules

1. No Hacking
2. No Glitching
3. No Duplicating Items
4. No use of Multiple account (Alts)|
5. No Exploits or Backwards Running
6. No Safezone mic spamming
7. Combat Logging is not allowed. Must have atleast 5 min between last altercation before logging off
8. Compensation will be given if you provide full legitimate proof of lost items (Clips and Videos Please)
9. Stream Sniping is a thing, hide your stream or be killed cant do much for you there.
10. No Safezone Stealing, meaning you cant steal peoples Vehicles and dropped items that they didnt mean to drop
11. No Taking advantage of Safezone exploits such ass making money off of something in trader that isnt right you will be banned. Please make a ticket if you find this problem 

Raiding Rules

1. Door Raiding is the only raiding allowed, no dismantling of other buildings

2. Raid Building is not allowed. You can not build any extra doors or gates to add more things to blow to loot for 30 min after last boom

3. Insiding is allowed, it is up to you and your team to be smart enough to choose who you trust and who you don't

4. No Glitch raiding or bosting higher than one player to get an advantage into someones base. No items stacking to reach a high point to climb into someones base.

5. No Raid Logging, if a defender or raider logs off during a raid its considered combat logging and will result in a temp ban. if you lag out or server crashes you must log in immediately

6. No logging out inside enemy bases, if you get stuck in an enemy base you must get out the base legit or respawn at coast.

1. No Building within 1000 Meters from any Safezone or Military loot area (Grishino is acceptable).

2. No stacking of tents inside each other.

3. No sky bases or floating bases. All bases must have a pathway from the ground to the front door.

4. Bases must have at least one raidable entrance, meaning there must be a visible front door.

5. Your base may have a maximum of 20 codelocked gates and/or doors. If tents are used as doors, they will also count towards the 20 codelock limit.

6. No blocking of access to loot inside your base. (An example of this would be hiding loot behind a tent, which would only be accessible if the tent was dismantled)

7. Standalone bases may not be taller than 6 floors, excluding the first foundation level.

8. Bases inside or on top of vanilla buildings may only have a maximum of two additional floors built on top of them.

9. There must be a minimum distance of half a wall's length between gates and/or doors. This means you may place 1 gate at the beginning of a wall, one in the middle and one at the end.

10. No base building on roads.

11. No bridging of vanilla buildings. This means you may not build your base so that two or more vanilla building connect to each other.


  1. Must Read and Comprehend ALL RULES. (NO EXCUSES)

  2. Any and all DDOS/Doxing Threats will be Permanently Banned

  3. Staff members have the right to ban without a reason. All bans will be treated fairly.

Base Building Rules

Events List
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